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5 Delicious Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Juicing it is the one of the easiest ways and also most powerful things one can use to make raw food lifestyle more successful, hence improving the overall health and wellness.

Therefore, there is several juice recipes used to juicing for weight loss such as the following;

  1. Mean green toxin flusher

This is a green juice that helps system flush away toxins since cucumber is a diuretic that help to stimulate liver and kidney to flush away excess liquid. Both the kale and parsley are rich sources of both vitamin A, B, C and K, therefore, drinking this daily helps to lose weight and also boosts the immune system.


Two to three kale leaves, small handful of parsley, half a lemon, one medium sized cucumber, and one medium sized Fuji apple.

How to prepare

Use a wide mouth centrifugal juicer, stack up the three leaves of kale on top of one another then put the parsley over it, carefully do roll it like you would roll a lentil so that it is packed tight, chop the cucumber in half and place it the first half inside the juicer then juice part of it, add the rolled parsley and the kale and then the other half and turn on the juicer(this allows one to maximize the amount of juice extracted from the leafy greens), juice the apple and lemon afterwards. Lightly stir and drink.

  1. Red protein juice

This is adding protein powder to fresh vegetable juice.


One small or medium sized beet, a medium sized cucumber and two to three tablespoons of sun warrior protein powder.

How to prepare

Juice the beet and cucumber in a juicer then pour the juice inside a blender and then blend. Drink immediately.

  1. Green chia

This is a combination of nutrients and protein. It is rich in antioxidants that help boost immune system and it is also rich in vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids.


Two to three collard greens, a medium sized cucumber, half a lime, Fuji apples, a head of romaine lettuce, a tablespoon chia seeds.

How to prepare

Put all the ingredients into a juicer; add the chia seeds that have been extracted. The drink is ready.

  1. Red cabbage flax

This is a rich source of vitamin A, C, K and folate and it is very low in sugar.


One medium red cabbage, medium cucumber, half a lemon (unpeeled), a tablespoon grinded flaxseed and medium green apple.

How to prepare

Chop the red cabbage into quarters so that it can fit in the feed chute, do the same to the cucumber and lemon. Add the flaxseed after pouring the drink into a cup. Stir and drink.

  1. Green juice and smoothie combo

It is the combination of juice with the avocado smoothie. This is because, avocado and pear have very low fructose content.


Half a medium sized pineapple (peeled), one pear, two handfuls of spinach, one large cucumber, four celery stalks and one avocado.

How to prepare

Peel the pineapple then chop it into quarters, juice the pineapple, pear, spinach, celery and cucumber in a juicer then set aside. Cut the avocado into half then take out the pit and scoop out the meaty part and place inside a blender. Then pulse until the texture is smooth then add the juice that you have set aside earlier then blend. Drink immediately afterwards and check this:




Ways on Improving Your Digestive System

Digestion is the process of absorbing necessary nutrients and to remove faecal matter through the anus. This is a crucial procedure and any disruption would require you to visit a gastroenterologist in Dubai. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is very important as the strength of the immune system depends solely on it.

If left untouched, chances of further deterioration of your health is high. So, when you notice a few symptoms, it is best to consult a gastroenterologist in Dubai. Just to confirm with them that everything is fine.

But, there are a few ways, just by changing your lifestyle habits, that you can naturally improve your digestive health. These are:

1. Stress management: stress not only disrupts your mind, but your digestion as well! For instance, when you are in a bad mood, you end up losing your appetite. Or, when you an upcoming exam, you throw up and the key to improvement is managing it. Meditation is a stress booster and helps restores the bodily functions.

2. Get natural or artificial supplements: Glutamine is an essential mineral as it aids in repairing and renewing the intestinal lining. This can be found as an over-the-counter drug or naturally in spinach or parsley.

3. Don’t eat more than required: We tend to eat, even when we maybe full. We get carried away with some social formalities, that we are not conscious. However, it is a better idea to give importance to your health than to the gatherings. The stomach becomes inefficient when its completely full. Ideally, keeping yourself 1/3 empty is a better option. Also, eating heaviest meal during lunch would be optimal. This is because the highest concentrations of digestive juices are present midday.

4. Detox: Detoxing is great way to bring balance back to the system. Ginger is known for a long time, to relax the smooth muscles of the intestine.

Along with these tips, it is highly recommended to visit a gastroenterologist. In Dubai, the Lapsurgery clinic has the most renowned and trained professionals.…

Natural Beauty Tips for Men and Women

In today’s world everyone wants to look beautiful, everyone wants to get compliments from their loved ones and friends and it’s a well-known fact that when you look good you feel good. Nowadays peoples are most sophisticated-more educated and more cognizant whether male or female. People are opting for a facelift, best laser hair removal in UAE for enhancing their beauty. Here are some Natural Beauty Tips for Men and Women:

Natural foods: In your diet include fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with proteins & vitamins, makes your skin glow.

Oil cleansing: Many cosmetic brands manufacture cleansing oils for babies as well as the woman, which are hard on the skin. Try using castor oil, olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil which is gentle on the skin. You can use smaller amounts of these natural oils on your dry skin, massage for few minutes and wash it off with Lukewarm water and gently wipe them for best results.

Facial mask: Papaya and oranges peels or cucumber slices are the best available natural masks which provide cooling as well as relaxation to facial muscles.

Hair conditioners: for natural conditional blend avocados bit banal and water and apply the paste as the conditioner on your scalp. It gives you Smooth and bouncy hair. This hair conditioner is rich in proteins and is more powerful than any other night artificial ones.

Sugar scrub: mix equal amounts of brown or white sugar with Almond or Olive Oil and apply on your skin. Gently rub the mixture on your face for some time and bass of using lukewarm water. The glucose and fructose will not metabolize fat cells and get you are smooth and even skin.

Teeth Whiten: strawberries are known to cleanse your teeth and whiten them. Mix baking soda and strawberry juice to make a paste and apply on the teeth to make them shine.
Follow regular exercise: it is a proven fact that regular exercise helps in releasing the human growth hormone which slows down the process of aging.

These are the best natural tips which will enhance your beauty. They will give you positive results, which no artificial products can offer. For more details visit…