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Top running bold ceiling colors

One look up and you find the ceiling of your house. It is the one part that gives a whole new look to your entire space. The ceiling acts as an umbrella that highlights the interiors of the entire room. The current interior trend running in Dubai is having bold ceilings. Bold is great but it is important that you don’t go overboard with your selection. For Office interior design companies in Dubai top blod ceiling colors are in top priority.

There are several leading interior design companies in Dubai and they offer great ideas using different color themes. If you are looking for the best interior design company in Dubai, then you should try approaching the experts atInteriors R us. They can offer you better ideas for your ceiling. In this article, we will see some of the highly trending bold ceiling colors, that will up the style quotient of your interiors:

Office interior design companies in Dubai

Take cue from textures and accessories in the room:

One of the best way to select a good ceiling color, is to draw ideas from the textiles and accessories in the room. By repeating a color, you can create a rhythmic feel.

  • Use fresh colors:

Colors like hot-pink, yellow, blue, orange, are all trending. Remember that ceiling is the one part of the interiors that can be highlighted only through the use of colors. Bright and colorful ceilings are currently trending, so make the most of this trend and make your ceilings appealing.

You can also use this bright colors to visually lower tall ceilings. This can be done if by extended down the wall. It will add fun and joy to the room and will also make it look more youthful.

  • Colors for light:

Fresh colors like yellow-green, blue, or orange can give a whole new elevated feel to the room by brightening up the whole room. one can trust on bold colors if they want abundance of light. Bright ceiling colors and accompanied with contrasting floor scream for attention.

If you are looking for something fresh and innovative for your interiors, then you should definitely arrive at CK Architecture. We are the best interior design company in Dubai, and we master in providing complete design solutions to all your spaces.  

Tips on Office Fit Outs – The Do’s and Don’ts

Moving out your office or getting the old office renovated… eh? Then you might be concerned about how good is the new location? How would you fit in there? And above all, how should be your office’s interior? In a city like Dubai, if you’re planning to move your office to a new location or are planning to redo the existing space, then following are some tips, rather, some do’s and don’ts, that you must follow, if you’re hiring one of the leading interior office fit out companies in Dubai ,for an innovative, hassle-free office fit out, which others can envy at:-

  • Devise a sophisticated, inclusive plan

Yes, before going ahead with the big job, what one must do is the plan, and PLAN well! A sophisticated and inclusive plan of how your office would be, from the designs to the cost management, is of prime importance.

office fit out companies

office fit out companies

  • Look for the RIGHT partner!

Hold on; it means choosing the right person for the job. Whether be it the base, or the final touches, a good ‘partner’ like one of the professional interior office fit out companies in Dubai will make sure the services are delivered on time and are of high quality.

  • Don’t ignore anything, i.e. ANYTHING!

If you’re on the job, don’t ignore anything. Even the smallest of the requirements can make or mar your project, whether it is a legal clause or an issue with the materials.

  • Manage money smart

Most of you hate advice, but trust me, what we’ve been taught in school, it sometimes actually works. One should manage money smart, creating the best of the fit-outs, with even the minimum of resources available.

  • Don’t leave the dilapidations unattended!

Yes, dear friends, don’t leave anything unattended. Even if you’d love to keep the old stuff intact, make sure it doesn’t look shabby to the eye!

  • Keep an eye on the process

Above all, keep an eye on the whole process. Once done, have a review of the work done, so that the final glitches in the interior fit outs can be removed before the ultimate day!

To wind up, if you say so, once done with all of the above tips, voila! Your office is ready. Start with your work right away, or if you’re not the workaholic types, have a nice expert. After all, a celebration of hard work is a must, even if rare!