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Do’s and Don’t’s in Buying Perfumes

Perfumes are the reminiscence of your class and persona and must be chosen wisely as they exhibit your character. And buying from plenty of smells can be pretty overwhelming. To help you streamline the buying procedure, here we are listing some do’s and don’t’s you must read on. Why settle for just one! Get ready to flaunt with a new signature scent each month. You can also explore the perfume world by buying perfumes online from Dubai.



You should know what notes you are attracted to, the fresh, the floral, the musky or the oriental. With each bottle, there are the notes written. Buy perfumes online from Dubai for they have a huge range of perfumes with several notes.


Longevity means how long a fragrance will last. The more the oil content the longer it will last. Perfumes with less longevity won’t stay long. Do check the description of the bottle stating the longevity.


It refers to the power of a scent that how far it projects. Apart from the oil content, a perfume’s value is detected by its strength. Even after you leave a place your trails of fragrance will be still there, this shows how rich is your scent.

Try before you buy

Smell the perfumes before you make a purchase. Smelling from dozens of perfume can make your senses lost. Smell coffee beans or your skin in between testing various scents.



Get over the cheap perfumes. The quality and originality of perfume are determined by how expensive they are. Don’t let you love for perfume adjust instead you may ask for the smaller vials of the same fragrance. They will be in your budget.


Don’t be a culprit of buying a perfume you liked on someone else. The aroma that suited on an individual may smell completely different on you. Choose your own kind of fragrance.


Don’t rub your wrist after you spritz the perfume for testing. Let it dry naturally, as rubbing it will break down the molecules of perfume and diminish the top notes making them smell differently.

V perfumes in Dubai guide you well with the fragrances and help you make the most of them.

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