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Healthy Cake Recipe In Dubai

Healthy things are although great for your health, but are quite bland and not so tasty, whereas the unhealthy thing are yummy and delicious, a pleasure for your tongue, but not for your overall health. This is why every day we are looking out ways to make those not-so-healthy things a bit healthy. A cake for example, is a very common dessert for celebrating any occasion and now the recipe of the same delectable cake is made healthy. If you happen to be a health and calorie conscious person, then you can still order cake in Dubai that is made with healthy ingredients.
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding party or just about any other occasion, you can easily order cake in Dubai without eliminating the health aspect of it. Just tell your requirements, and the professional chefs will make it accordingly. Here we have a few tips from the professionals to make any cake recipe a bit healthier.

Applesauce-a great substitute for sugar: as we know that sugar is one of the main health hazardous substances in the kitchen, and it is a prime ingredients in every cake recipe. In order to make the cake healthy, replacing it with applesauce will do the trick very well. When using applesauce as a replacement for sugar, make sure of reducing the quantity of other liquids like milk, water or other liquids used in the cake recipe to 1/4th.

Replace white flour with something healthier: in place of white flour make use of whole-wheat flour, or nut flour, or a mixture of the two. Since the bran is removed in the processing procedure of white, or “all-purpose” flour, the healthy stuff that is fiber is eradicated from it, thus making it not so healthy type of flour.

Top it healthy: now that you have baked the cake with all healthy ingredients, do not make it unhealthy by using traditional frosting and sprinkles. Make use of fresh whipped cream topped with fresh fruit and/ or antioxidants rich dark chocolates.
G’s is one of the best bakeries where you can order any cake in Dubai and celebrate your special occasion in a more special yet a healthy way.

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