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How To Prevent Heart Disease?

People are growing more health-conscious nowadays, some of them are conscious about the calories they intake, making sure that they are eating the right foods, gaining more knowledge about heart attacks et cetera. Some of them have a more relaxed approach. But one should consult the Best cardiologist in Dubai and do things they can to prevent a heart attack as they don’t have any other choice.

What is our heart disease?

Heart disease is a general term used to describe various problems related to heart or its blood vessels. The most common kinds of heart diseases reported by the Best cardiologist in Dubai are coronary heart disease, which is caused by hardening and narrowing of arteries atherosclerosis. This is caused by building up of plaque in the arteries, making it harder for the blood to flow through it causing a stroke or heart attack.

Other heart diseases are arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm of the heart) is caused by issues with the electrical signs. valve prolapse, which can be caused by genetics or by connective tissue diseases.

Preventive measures to stay away from heart diseases

Prevention is always better than cure, rather than weeping on what you can’t do, you should act and change what you can.

By switching to a healthy lifestyle, you get a control over your health and prevent the risks of heart diseases and heart attacks. One can adopt healthy habits like regular exercise, eating healthy food and maintain healthy body weight

Even the cigarette packet contain warning signal that it is injurious to health. One should consider this seriously and quit smoking and usage of other forms of tobacco products as this contribute to heart pain and other cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, excessive consumption of alcohol one of the major causes of high blood pressure, heart stroke and this should be avoided. It is observed that people who don’t smoke or have controlled alcohol consumption have a minimum chance of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Another main cause of heart disease is stress, which leads to loss of sleep, headaches, pain and exhaustion.Cut the stress, go for yoga and meditation to stay away from heart diseases.For treatment from best Cardiologists in Dubai please visit German clinics.

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