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Risk Manager Responsibilities in a Hospital Setting


A hospital risk manager conjointly referred to as a risk management director proactively works to stop things that may end in losses or liability. During a hospital setting, things will embrace patient privacy breaches; diagnostic, surgical or medication errors; and dangerous conditions.

Identify Risks

One responsibility of a hospital risk manager is to spot risks to the hospital. He will this by reviewing past incidents and claims, hospital loss and liability reports, and native and national hospital-related incident or risk knowledge and statistics. The danger manager may also monitor the actions of hospital employees or their work environments to ascertain for problems with compliance with existing policies and procedures or raise hospital department managers to produce risk assessments regarding employees, patient or traveler safety.

Hiring the wrong employee

Lack of recruitment processes and reference checking can cause your organisation to employ a time bomb, in the form of an employee. Your employee can be working fine right up to a single event that turns them into a threat to your organisation.Some of the risks that will cause unexpected damages to your organisation from disgruntled employees are; They decide to access and steal/destroy all your electronic files. They obtain confidential information and release it to the media causing a public relations nightmare and potential legal action. They commence legal action as a result of your actions towards them. Usually caused by wrongful terminations, sexual harassment or even workplace bullying. As you can see from this list, even one of these risks will cost thousands to recover from. Employee management is not seen as critical in the risk management planning and left to untrained managers to control. Read more.

Make Recommendations

A risk manager reports his findings and solutions to immediate problems, moreover as plans for potential future problems or emergencies, to hospital management. He answers queries and helps develop new policies and procedures. Though a risk manager’s recommendations rely on his specific findings, he may advocate that the hospital amendment the patient privacy policy to form it easier to browse or add further patient account security measures. Also, he may advocate giving existing employees further coaching and responsibilities designed to stop errors.

Manage Program

A risk manager oversees the complete risk management program and helps develop systems and processes to boost the observance and management of risk. As a part of his responsibilities, he reviews changes in legislation and laws. The hospital could raise him to perform these and different duties alone or with a team of risk management specialists. If he features a team, he sometimes hires new employees, manages the work schedule, assigns comes, evaluates work performance, and problems edges or disciplinary action.

Other Responsibilities

Risk managers assist hospital trainers and department managers with educating staff regarding risk, liability and risk management policies and procedures. A risk manager helps with the event of risk management coaching programs and speaks directly with employees regarding risk. He conjointly educates contractors and out of doors health care practitioners connected to the hospital and discusses with them risk-related changes they have to form. Also, a risk manager reviews hospital and practician medical malpractice and insurance and makes the sum of money recommendations.


If risk management interests you as a career, finding out the responsibilities of a hospital risk manager will assist you to confirm if you would like to pursue a risk management job in health care or a special business.

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